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Research Interests

Our research focuses on the synthesis, modification and biological evaluation of peptides. Particularly we study membrane active peptides, like cell-penetrating peptides, antimicrobial peptides, and lytic peptides exhibiting anticancer activity; additionally, peptides that inhibit protein-protein interactions have gained our interest. Moreover, we tune peptides by chemical methods to increase their stability in in vivo systems and to modulate their selectively for e.g. distinct cell types or intracellular organelles.

We combine solid phase peptide chemistry with solution phase organic chemistry methods. Usually, the novel peptides are tested in live cells by fluorescence methods, or (in collaboration) by using radiometal-labeled peptides. Furthermore, we perform peptide-lipid interaction studies using artificial membrane vesicles or plasma membrane vesicles.

Recent achievements included the design of novel CPPs with potential anticancer activity, as well as the development of promising antimicrobial peptide conjugates.